Industries We Serve

Our environmental, geotechnical, and construction materials testing capabilities span a number of industries. As a trusted source in material testing, we have experience in both small and large-scale projects across the greater Houston area. By keeping a close connection with both the field and office personnel involved in every project, it is our mission to provide the highest level of service to every situation that arises.

Quality Lab Results

As a commercial laboratory, our testing capabilities provide quality assurance and quality control.

Comprehensive Reporting

All test results are provided in a timely manner, ensuring you’re fully prepared to accommodate your site’s conditions.

Trusted Analysis

Our consultations will equip you with the data necessary to make cost-effective decisions for your project.


Every municipality and county has a number of projects that help improve everyday life. We provide engineering consulting and testing services for a number of projects in the public sector including roadway pavements, highways, toll roads, bikeways, bridges, retaining walls, and underground utilities such as water, storm, and sanitary sewers.


Evaluating the quality of the materials used on your commercial project is crucial to maintain sustainability. From high rise buildings and multi-family units to multilevel parking garages and tower structures, we provide the resources necessary to keep your team prepared for any issue that may arise.


The safety and durability of community developments are key to maintaining the quality of all for any jurisdiction. By taking advantage of our engineering services for residential projects like constructing multi-family buildings, you can ensure that your community is equipped to stand the test of time.


These are the critical moments that can differentiate one company from another in terms of the quality of service. If you’re constructing an industrial building, we provide high-level engineered evaluations and recommendations needed to ensure that your project is supported for your specific community.