Harris County Flood Control

Brays Bayou Federal Flood Control Project – Stella Link Bridge Extension and Ardmore Bridge Replacement

2019, Aug – 2020, Dec

The Stella Link Bridge is included in the Brays Bayou Federal Flood Damage Reduction Project, also known as Project Brays, to widen the channel and reduce the risk of flooding. Increasing the capacity of the channel will allow for stormwater to move more quickly out of Harris County and into Galveston Bay. Project Brays is a federal and local partnership with the U.S Army Corps of Engineers and is estimated to cost $480 million to complete. The project consists of two parts – one part was an extension of the existing Stella Link Bridge by 50-feet to increase the capacity of the channel. The second part was the replacement of the Ardmore bridge. Both bridges are across Brays Bayou.

As a part of the project, Associated Testing Laboratories performed construction inspection, testing, and monitoring of concrete placement, asphalt placement at Ardmore Bridge Location including asphalt coring, density testing on various embankment construction, slope paving (both subgrade density testing and concrete testing), sidewalk and curb placements, utility placements such as manholes and other RCP structures, retaining wall, headwall construction, etc. We also performed precast concrete testing at the supplier’s plant location. In addition, as a part of our testing program, we also performed some slurry / drilled shaft testing.