Pradera Oaks, Master-planned Community, Brazoria, Texas

ATL is providing standard quality assurance tests on concrete and soil materials to determine compliance with client requirements. Construction material testing services includes the following:

  • Pradera Oaks Phase I Project: Provided densities for site grading, utilities, and urban backslope. Also performed concrete testing at interceptors and slope paving at detention basin #1.
  • Pradera Oaks Section 4, 5, and 6: Providing construction materials testing for underground utilities.
  • Pradera Oaks Phase II Detention and Drainage: Provided proof rolling and densities for slopes at detention basin.
  • Pradera Oaks Section 1 Paving: Provided lime stabilization inspection including gradations, lime depth checks, density testing of stabilized subgrades, and concrete testing for paving.
  • Pradera Oaks Wastewater Treatment Plant: Provided Density testing for various utility pipe backfill including sanitary sewers, rebar inspection for wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). ATL will also be performing some welding inspections for this project.
  • Pradera Lift Station #1: Performed density testing for bedding and backfill of some utilities connecting the lift station.
  • Pradera Oaks Section 1 for Water, Sanitary Sewer, Storm Sewer, and Drainage and Paving: ATL provided density testing for utilities, and concrete testing at manhole locations.
  • Pradera Oaks Section 2and 3: Provided proof rolling, density testing of utility bedding and backfill, and concrete testing at manholes.