Environmental Engineering

Increased awareness of environmental issues has caused the demand for technologically advanced evaluations and remedies pertaining to public health and safety.

Environmental Engineering Services

With a goal to protect populations from the effects of environmental problems such as pollution, Associated Testing Laboratories works with organizations to improve efforts toward recycling, waste disposal, water and air pollution control.

OUR Environmental ConsultingCapabilities

  • Phase 1 Site Assessments
  • Phase 2 Site Assessments (Sub-Surface Drilling, Soil and Groundwater Sampling, & Unidentified Substance Sampling)
  • Wetland Studies
  • Drilling and Sampling for Hazardous Materials
  • Design of Piezometer and Monitoring Wells
  • Drilling, Sampling, and Monitoring of Well Installations

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Quality Lab Results

As a commercial laboratory, our testing capabilities provide quality assurance and quality control.

Comprehensive Reporting

All test results are provided in a timely manner, ensuring you are fully prepared to accommodate your site’s conditions.

Trusted Analysis

Our consultations will equip you with the data necessary to make cost-effective decisions for your project.